A Exciting Science Fiction Novel for less than $4

When Earth is discovered and subjugated by a vast alien government, Joe Dobbs is a 14-year-old kid who gets taken by aliens to serve in its alien army. Once he arrives for training, he is given a prophecy by the future-seeing Trith–Joe will be the one to shatter Congress. And the Trith cannot lie.

Sara drew her inspiration from seeing all the stories out there about humanity beating alien invaders in brave shows of pretty jets and projectile weaponry and thought, “You know, that’s not really very realistic.” So she wrote a book where humans were utterly insignificant in the face of alien numbers and technology. 

This unique science fiction is $3.99 on April 11th.


The lines into the docking bay were endless. Like cattle going down a slaughter chute, Joe thought, looking over the untold thousands of bald, frightened kids in recruit white. Libby and Scott began to pant under their burdens, sweat trickling down their strained faces. The hall grew cramped and hot from all the bodies packed together, and tempers flared. Up ahead, two girls got into a shoving match, stopping up the meager flow of traffic completely. Eventually the battlemasters broke them up and shoved them back into the stream of kids to get the lines moving again. Following the flow, Joe and his groundmates filed out into an enormous, windowed room resembling an airport terminal. Beyond the windows above him, Joe saw space and moons and… His gut clenched when he realized he was standing on his head, the planet under him. “It’s purple,” Libby whispered. “And it’s big,” Scott said. “That’s bigger than Earth, right Joe?”


Sara King (a.k.a. Evil Alaskan Overlord) is a #1 bestselling Alaskan Science Fiction/Fantasy/Romance author best known for her Outer Bounds and Legend of ZERO series. She wrote her first short story at the age of 4, got another short story published in a major magazine in 3rd grade, and finished her first novel at the age of 12. Writing has been her life for as long as she can remember, and she loves to share her wild imagination with her loveable minions–as long as they let her out of her Ominous Writing Tower for fresh air once in awhile.


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