A Gritty and Thrilling Novel for less than $2

BAD WAY OUT is a novel about redemption of a moonshiner set in the Tennessee mountains. Readers who enjoyed selections such as Winter’s Bone, The Silver Linings Playbook, and True Grit, will like BAD WAY OUT. 

The author’s inspiration for BAD WAY OUT was his misspent youth, or well-spent youth, depending on how you look at it. He doesn’t really write with actors in mind, but he would  go with Ryan Gosling as E.R. Percy. 

This book will available for $1.99 on April 12.


Maiden Falls is situated at the shit end of Tennessee. It’s a hill town. More hill than town, but town nonetheless. We are cursed by the corruption of lawmakers and peacekeepers just as much as any town or hamlet or metropolis built on the trampled dirt and dreams of this fine country of ours. We’ve got high unemployment, near nonexistent economic prospects, and endless misery. The one thing we ain’t got is falls. Never did, as far as anyone can tell, and no one knows nor cares how the name came to be.


C. Hoyt Caldwell is a writer with an aggravating affinity for the South, and the people it creates. The characters in his stories are loosely based on folks that both inspired and troubled him growing up in a tiny Tennessee town.   He’s not smart enough to be subtle, so his work tends to be tasteless and gritty. He’s not out to offend anyone, but he’s also not out to win anyone over either. His stories are full of sex, violence, heart, and attempts at humor.

His favorite food is pizza. Hoyt loves to write in his cluttered office. The Avett Brothers and Punch Brothers are on a constant loop. He feel like there’s nothing better than Breaking Bad on television.



  1. Peter Prasad : April 12, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    Dang, get me a bottle of Jack and that gal’s phone number.

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