A Chilling Urban Fantasy for $2.99 – April 13

THE REMORTAL is a culturally diverse urban fantasy – think Highlander meets Training Day. 

Book Description: Telly is a homeless kid with not much going for him until he meets a charming and mysterious man named Van. Van reveals that he is actually an immortal, with abilities and wealth beyond Telly’s wildest dreams. Van offers Telly the chance to inherit his powers and his fortune if Telly can just do one thing: find a way to kill him.

Those who enjoy Corey Doctorow, Dean Koontz, and Interview with the Vampire will like THE REMORTAL.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of “mentorship gone bad”, and I also like exploring concepts of death and what may exist beyond death (if anything). I combined the two interests and came up with a story about the cruel tutelage of an immortal who isn’t too happy about the idea of eternal life, and who believes that the most important lessons are learned through pain.

This will be available for $2.99 on April 13th. 


For much of my life, I was one of those quirky folk known as a “coder”. I wrote computer code, not stories. I was fairly successful at it, and I had a lot of fun doing it. But my true passion was writing books and stories that would inspire and ignite the light of creativity in others, just as my favorite storytellers had inspired me in my youth. I’m still in the early phases of my journey as an author, but it has been quite an adventure so far.

My favorite things include Japanese food, gadgets, comics, and cats.


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