Award-Winning Mystery Fiction for only 99c – April 13

PIKE PLACE is a coming of age novel set in 1971 Seattle. Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a teenage girl while out with her family at Pike Place Market. PIKE PLACE is uniquely told through the eyes of a young ten year old, Bobbi Johnson, as she tries to help with the investigation where the police can’t.

Readers who love To Kill a Mockingbird, Stand by Me, and Angela’s Ashes will enjoy PIKE PLACE.


“Bobbi, come here,” Scottie whispered. “Look at this,” he giggled. Scottie was looking at a painting of a mermaid on the window in the front of the shop. The mermaid was buck naked and her mermaid tail was split in two. She was holding both ends of the tail with out-stretched arms. Scottie was staring right at her bare breasts. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the window and told him to close his eyes. “That’s disgusting,” I said, but he just grinned at me. I frowned back. “Scott Johnson. Sometimes I worry about you.” I walked over to my parents. Zev was talking to them. “How would you like to buy a pound of some of these freshly roasted coffee beans? And could I interest you in a coffee grinder, or do you two already have one at home?” Zev asked. I guess he wanted us to buy something; after all, we had just drunk eight cups of his coffee, for free. My mother looked interested, but then she noticed the price. “A dollar and seventy-five cents for a pound of coffee?” she whispered to Daddy. “I can get five pounds of Maxwell House for that on sale at Safeway!” My father put his arm around her shoulder and then smiled at the man behind the counter. “I think we’ll pass today,” my dad said politely. “This was sure good coffee, though. Thank you for the samples, Zev.” Daddy always used a person’s name when he talked to them. I liked that about him. The man just nodded his head and looked over my dad’s shoulder at the next person in line. We followed my parents out of the store, and I stole another look at the logo on the window. The name of the store was spelled out around the naked mermaid. It said ‘Starbucks’.


Born and raised in the state of Washington, Marilyn Howard Tschudi is a graduate of New York’s Barnard College. She is the mother of three grown children and runs a successful home remodeling company in North Carolina. “PIke Place” is Marilyn’s first novel.

Favorite food: anything Middle Eastern!

FavoritePlace to write: I converted a windowed closet into a small writing room — it’s cozy and bright.

Favorite music: I grew up playing classical music (flute, piano and stand-up bass guitar), so I love to listen to that.

Favorite TV Show: It’s old, but I love the dialogue and characters (and the town) in Gilmore Girls.

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