This is $1.99 Fantasy Series is a Must Read – April 20

The FATED SAGA follows the lives of 13 year old twins, Meghan and Colin Jacoby, who have little time to help a young man who has been left behind after his caravan travels through a magical portal without him. 

Readers who enjoyed Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Beautiful Creatures will like the FATED SAGA. 

Rachel Humphrey Daigle was inspired by her gypsyesque past and love for fantasy to write the FATED SAGA.

This series is also available on Apple and Nook.


Kanda paused, again, this time, casting her gaze directly into the eyes of the twins, sitting side by side. “Truth is the only real power,” she spoke profoundly. “Truth is freedom. Not pursuing it is a life of captivity!”


Rachel Humphrey – D’aigle was born in Malden Massachusetts, in July of 1973. A few months later the Great Chelsea Fire burned the family home and business. After spending the next 8 years traveling around New England as migrant workers (in attempts to rebuild their lives), her family finally settled down in Freedom, Maine. At the University of Maine, she met and married her husband, Gypsy Jazz musician and Luthier, Rich D’aigle. They currently reside in the state of Utah, in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley alongside two furry beasties.

My favorite foods are all in the books! Whoopie Pies, Creme Horns, Ployes, Blackberry Dumplings- bit of a sugar addict! I love anything book/movie/tv show related that is sci-fi/ fantasy or paranormal oriented.

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