Find Inspiration In This Feel Good Chick-Lit Novel For Less Than $4 – April 21

Some people survive life’s blows whilst others become “mad, bad or sad”. Swimming Upstream is the story of a survivor, Lizzie, whose life takes a series of dramatic twists after she steps into the path of an oncoming car.

Readers who like Eat, Pray, Love will like SWIMMING UPSTREAM.

Ms. Mancini’s inspiration for Swimming Upstream came from a painful relationship breakup many years ago when issues from her own past came rearing up to haunt her. She then became interested in the question as to why some people survive life’s challenges whilst others go under in one way or another. British actress Kate Beckinsale would play Lizzie.

This is available for $3.99 on April 21st.


It was as if we were having two different conversations. Which wasn’t that surprising after all, as we were clearly having two entirely different experiences of breaking up. His was soft, cushioned; Jude and his friends had broken his fall. Mine was cold, empty and bereft. I was freefalling in space and time, with nobody standing by to stop me hurtling headlong into obscurity.


I was born in South London and educated in Cambridge and London. I now live with my husband and two children in Oxfordshire. I’m a legal-aid lawyer and writer. My eldest child has a severe learning disability and so juggling working as a lawyer, writing and caring for my sons is a challenge to say the least! I think it’s true to say that I have had my fair share of loss, trauma and difficulties over the years and it has got me interested in the subject of resilience and what it is that enables some people to survive life’s challenges whilst others become “mad, bad or sad”. That’s the underlying theme of my novel.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: I love wine, cheese and reading in bed! I also love good movies.

MY FAVORITE BOOK: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

MY FAVORITE MOVIE: Thelma and Louise. I love American movies generally and am fascinated with the American landscape and countryside as well as the people. But I also love the two women’s fight against injustice and male chauvinism. Right on sisters!.

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