Join In The Fight In This YA Science Fiction For Less Than $1 – April 25

In THE EXEMEUS, find yourself in an epic battle for what is yours no matter what the odds. When the Treptonian Government takes over Earth, Hyalee and Dephon need each other to reclaim the planet. Unfortunately, time and space separate them and the Treptonian government will do anything to keep them apart, even if it means elimininating them… permanently.

Readers who loved Divergent, Angelfall, and the love of Twilight will love THE EXEMEUS.

THE EXEMEUS was based upon the author’s thoughts about having a book that chronicled a person’s life from birth to death. Jennifer Lawrence would make a wonderful Hyalee. 

This is available on Kindle and Nook for $0.99 on April 25th.  


Singleton stopped the vehicle and hopped out. “Come on,” he said, leading the way through the brush. What else could I do? I jumped out of the car and followed. Smoke was billowing through the air, and it took me a few moments to realize I seemed strangely immune to any effects of the fire. Singleton had stopped inches from the flames. “You’re way to close!” I shouted–and I had to shout to be heard, because the fire was roaring. “You’re going to burn to death!” He turned and looked at me, and without looking away from me for a second he took a deep breath and stepped backward into the flames. For a moment I couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything. It came to me in a flash that he had decided he didn’t want to live if we couldn’t be together. Was he insane? “No!” I screamed as I rushed forward. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I had to do something. I loved him. I could survive without touching him, seeing him, hearing him, but I couldn’t live without knowing he was alive. I ran frantically toward the flames, trying to locate him in their glowing embers. Instinctively, I knew what I had to do. I thought cooling thoughts, water-filled thoughts as I yelled his name, my voice cracking to be heard over the deafening noise of the inferno. A strong hand reached out, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me into the fire.


Folami and Abeni Morris are a sister-sister writing team. Together they wrote (and rewrote) The Exemeus, somehow managing to accomplish it without murdering one another. Despite their facial similarities, tendency to finish each other’s thoughts and stick up for each other constantly, no, they’re not twins and thus deserve their own individual bio.

Folami grew up in the tiny city of San Mateo Ca, where nothing ever happens and no one ever leaves. She went to Xavier University for undergraduate, getting her B.A in physics and her B.S in Biology. After graduation she returned to California, to live in an even smaller city, where even less happens, Antioch Ca. During this time she escaped the monotony by hanging out with her imaginary friends Hyalee and Dephon, and by writing the Exemeus. She finally escaped to Queens NY and now realizes that quiet and tiny aren’t so bad.

As luck (and logic) would have it, Abeni grew up in the same tiny little town as her sister, then she too escaped to the tinier town of Antioch. She has yet to leave. She received her bachelor’s degree in early childhood development from Cal State East Bay. She is the mom of two amazing kids, who swear that they deserve a percentage of the book proceeds and a ton of the credit. At least she raised dreamers.

We write at the table in the dining room. We love the TV show One Tree Hill- hated to see it go. We love all kinds of music, except polka and yodeling. We love to travel, to lounge, and to waste time: we rarely get a chance to do any of those things (maybe when we become bestsellers.

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