Tons of Nonfiction Bestsellers on Sale for April 25

Nonfiction readers – Amazon is having a flash sale today on a BUNCH of great Nonfiction books. We selected three favorites in this roundup in case you don’t feel like sorting through all of them – but here’s the entire list if you need a major Nonfiction fix!

A little blurb about the ones we picked :: The Spirit Level is the result of 30 years of research on communities and equality in democracies. It’s a brilliant an groundbreaking work – and it’s only $2.99 (an 83% discount). Merchants of Doubt is the true story of scientists who have obstructed the public understanding of key issues like the dangers of tobacco, going so far as to say “doubt is our product.” This muckraker is $2.99 today (marked down from $18). The Ascent of George Washington, also $2.99, is a provocative and polarizing look at one of America’s most revered figures. Grab it if you’re interested in reading the untold side of the first American president.

These deals are good on 4/25.

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