The Chronicles of Narnia Meets Rick Riordan In This $2.99 Fantasy/Science Fiction – April 26

A LAMENT OF MOONLIGHT is a fantasy with a twist of science fiction that captivate you. This is a classic tale of light versus dark, when three young children are plunged into an adventure full of magic, monsters, and danger. They soon discover that they are the harbingers of light and will need to defeat the  dark goddess to save their world. 

Fans of Rick Riordan, Peirce Anthony, and Mercedes Lackey will enjoy A LAMENT OF MOONLIGHT. 

The author was inspired by a warm night in October when he stood outside listening to the wind blow through the trees. He wondered what life would be like in the woods at night, and A LAMENT OF MOONLIGHT was born. A young William Moseley would be perfect for Melvin. 


It was the strangest room Abigail had ever seen, and she found it slightly bewildering that her sensible father would even have such a room. It looked more like it belonged in her aunt Matty or uncle Forts house, not in Rorex’s. The window standing in the center of the round table was not the only oddity in the room, but all along the edge of the table was carved strange, blocky symbols like on the door, and still she could not tell what they were. Part of Abigail truly believed that this was a language of some sort, but then another part of her didn’t want to believe that, for it would imply that her father was able to read the language, and that would mean she didn’t know him as well as she thought.


I am a bit of a loner. I live my life off the grid, keeping to myself and inside my own head for the most part. I tend to talk to myself about stories and random ideas that come up. At times I run dialogue while I drive, talking things out as if I am reading them from a book (the reason I just bought a digital recorder). I think people will love my stories because they are so much more than just a fun read, they are an in-depth fantasy based in a well fleshed out fantasy world. I love writing, and I don’t think I could stop if I tried. I have all of these ideas that come to me, and just as many files on my computer for each and every one of those ideas. Writing is something I have to do because the characters won’t leave me alone!

Favorite Food : Pizza

Favorite Place to Write: At the moment I do all of my writing in my bedroom overlooking the woods around my home. It seems a nice place to relax and just be part of the stories I write. 

Favorite TV Show: A toss up between Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Following.

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