Bring Out Your Inner Sleuth With This Mystery Box Set For Only $2.99 – April 28

Sarah Woods is not your run of the mill wife and mother – she solves crimes. THE SARAH WOODS MYSTERY SERIES is a set of  fast-paced short novels with plenty of mystery, humor, romance, twists and turns, and surprise endings. 

Fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series will like THE SARAH WOODS MYSTERY SERIES. 

Sarah Woods is the author’s alter-ego and this set contains the adventures that the author wishes she could do in real life. Who would play Sarah Woods in a movie? Ashley Judd, of course! 

This is available on April 28.


“Listen, Janet”―Carter rested a hand on the woman’s shoulder―“I think what you’re feeling right now is common. You want Marty’s death to make sense. Your brain is refusing to believe that a simple mistake could lead to such a tragic end for Marty. And I understand that. But he probably became distracted as he walked out into the street. It happens.”      “It’s more than that,” she persisted. “Call it intuition, call it whatever you want, but I know in my heart that Marty’s death was not accidental.”


I live with my seventeen year old son in Kittery, Maine. I love to travel, walk, read and eat. I have been writing since I was ten, but wrote my first novel at thirty-eight. I have been many things in my life-time: massage therapist, glass blower, waitress, vagabond, and vacuum salesperson.I believe writing books is my calling– I don’t ever want to be a vacuum salesperson again….

Favorite color : blue

Favorite Place to Write : my bed

Favorite Music : French tunes from the fifties

FavoriteTV show : The Good Wife

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