You Will Be Caught Between Two Worlds In This $0.99 Paranormal Romance – May 8

TWO HALVES is a paranormal romance where humans, witches, warlocks, demons and vampires roam the world. Sarah, a half-breed vampire, begins to accept her dual nature she discovers she’s not alone and her calling to save humans and vampires from extinction is just the beginning of a life-long adventure.

Readers who love Amanda Hocking’s Trylle Trilogy will like TWO HALVES. This book and the series it is part of was inspired by Twilight. Katherine Heigl would make a memorable Sarah. 

This is also available for Nook on May 8th.


My breathing quickened as I took in scents of the fresh green moss on the north side of the trees; the cool mist that blew from a nearby lake, carrying the scent of water lilies and algae; and in front of me, the over-sweet aroma of almost burnt toasted golden-brown marshmallows. I inhaled deeper, recognizing the sulphur of the Yellowstone geysers spitting steam and hot water. My heartbeat sped up even more. The pulse of nature—of life—pierced my skin, penetrating deep into my organs, giving me strength and vigour I hadn’t thought possible. I absorbed the energy around me to enhance my senses. The forest inhabitants knew what I was and kept their distance. My mouth watered when I thought about the sleeping elk three miles away. Would its blood thicken when it entered my mouth? My tongue slid across the inside of my upper lip when my gaze focused on someone’s jugular. I swallowed in a dry throat as my eyes rose to the face of someone I’d dared to think of as a victim. The vampire instincts awoke.


Marta Szemik is the author of the Two Halves series. Her goal is to entertain the readers so they can lose themselves in the story. Marta enjoys watching survivor and paranormal shows such as True Blood and Supernatural. Readers of the Two Halves series find themselves within the world created by the author who found her passion for writing while enjoying a movie.

 Marta enjoys music from the 80’s and 90’s. Her favorite past time is having a cup of coffee on the patio. She loves to ski in winter and camp in the summer watching nature which inspires her characters and scenes.

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