Get A Ticket For A Cyberpunk Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Thrill Ride For Only $0.99 – May 9

A vicious virus that turns people into monsters has destroyed Hong Kong. Now a young woman is searching for the only thing left in the wasteland, her only chance for hope: the viral shelters. Will she find it before the others find her? 

SLOUCHING TOWARDS KOWLOON is an action packed roller coaster ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. Fans of Neuromancer and The Walking Dead will enjoy SLOUCHING TOWARDS KOWLOON. 

This is available on May 9th.


Ruby watched the south entrance of the Victoria Clave market from the inside of an abandoned arcade until dawn came up on it, and it slouched into life. The Gitjihng moved into place at the market entrance like black burn marks against the corrugated steel walls, and what had been menace had shifted into terror. Their guns flashed with false promises. Their decay had been from the inside out, a profound kind of hypocrisy Ruby was beginning to understand the contours of. The line began for registration, rickshaws and individual vendors, carts filled with handmade goods and things found in the waste. A corpse lay in a pile of garbage at the corner of the market, in front of what had once been a stim pharmacy, and people walked by it, deliberately unseeing. She watched and waited for the Swede, for the Korean girl, but they didn’t come. She would have to go in after them.


Alison is a science fiction/horror writer based currently in Washington DC but with a world traveler spirit earned from being an Army brat. She loves video games and bad 80s horror movies and the Ray Bradbury books her dad had stacked on his shelves when she became a kid. She is also occasionally a Shakespearean actress. Her writing comes from the bizarre highway that is the middle ground between video games and fiction.

Favorite Food: I am addicted to coffee

Favorite Place to Write: I love to write at anywhere that served coffee

Favorite Music: I love jazz and anything with a unique viewpoint.

Favorite TV Show: I never miss an episode of Doctor Who or The Walking Dead, and I was raised on classic Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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