Today’s Discounted Kindle Book Will Give You The Chills – May 12

THE KULT is a complexly-plotted, mystery/thriller story with elements of suspense and horror that explores how you can never really escape the sins from the past. It’s an action packed roller-coaster mystery thriller in the vein of Se7en.

Readers who love Karin Slaughter will like THE KULT.

The inspiration for the book was an old water pumping station that the author thought would make a good location for a story. From there, things just got crazy and the story evolved into its own beast. Read this book now before it’s film version debut. 

This discounted book is available on Kindle for only $0.99 on May 12. 

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I have been writing for a number of years, but I guess as I grew up in a house in a cemetery, I was never going to end up writing romance books. My fiction is firmly of the darker variety, exploring the things that people might rather not face.

Favorite Food: My favourite food is a Balti, followed closely by rice pudding.

Favorite Place to Write: The joy of a laptop means I can write wherever I am and it’s the process of writing I enjoy, so it doesn’t matter where I am.

Favorite Music: When listening to music, I prefer bands such as Korn and Rammstein, but I will listen to anything. When running, I listen to lots of dance music to keep me motivated.

Favorite TV Show: My favourite TV show is probably Dexter.

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