Very Different Nonfiction Books: Discounts for Kindle on 5/16

Nonfiction is a really broad genre – everything from a smoothie recipe book to a computer manual to a memoir falls under the umbrella of nonfiction. These two books have only two things in common: 1) they’re really cheap and 2) they’re nonfiction. Apart from that, they’re polar opposites: one will make you laugh, the other will make you cry. 

BERLIN DIARY ($2.99) is the tear jerker: it’s the journal of a foreign correspondant in Berlin during the holocaust. SH*T MY DAD SAYS ($2.99) is absolutely hilarious – it’s one man’s compilation of the hilarious quips that his father has said throughout the years. It started as a twitter account and went viral – now it’s a discount Kindle book and a runaway best seller.

These deals are good on May 16.

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