Travel to Medieval Scotland In This Cheap Kindle Historical Romance – May 20

THE WOLFE is no ordinary romance. An injured English knight and a beautiful Scottish lass meet by chance on the battlefield. Their meeting is secretive but they never forgot one another. Six months later, the English knight and the lady meet once again in the quest for peace on the border, realizing that their chance meeting months before had ignited a love so powerful that it defies clans, England, Scotland, and even the king. Now begins the adventure of their lives as rival forces seek to separate them. THE WOLFE is a powerful Medieval romance with shades of intrigue, truth, honor, and undying devotion.

Fans of Virginia Henley or Monica McCarty will love THE WOLFE. This book was inspired by the writing of Virginia Henley. Can you imagine Channing Tatum as The Wolfe? Yes!

This cheap Kindle book is only $4.79 on May 20.


“Lady Jordan Scott, named for the River Jordan,” he repeated her own words, spoken long ago. “I never thought to see you again.” So he did remember. She felt a jolt of surprise and another jolt of fear. Mayhap he remembered the slip-shod job she did in repair of his wound. Mayhap he also remembered the merciless pain of the whisky burn. She wondered with rising panic if he were going to drown her in the creek as punishment, although she knew her thoughts were daft. She was daft. Yet…she had noticed he did not limp. Mayhap her half-hearted repair was blessed by God and the leg had recovered properly. Forcing herself to calm, there was only one way to find out. “Yer leg healed?” He slapped the scarred thigh. “Good as new, thanks to you,” he replied, then looked her fully in the face. She returned his stare openly and he smiled at the astonishment he saw in her eyes. “I did not think it possible, but you have actually grown more beautiful since the last I saw you.” A faint blush crept into her cheeks and she choked on a swallow. “’Twas dark that night, sir knight. ‘Twas difficult to see much at all.” “I could see you,” he insisted softly

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Kathryn Le Veque is one of Amazon’s top selling Historical and Contemporary romance authors, consistently ranked in the top 20 for Historical novels. Kathryn’s Medieval Historicals have been called some of the best in the business and her new releases always hit Amazon’s Top 100 Hot New Releases list, usually in the top 20. She has created an entire world with her novels, as most have cross-over characters, or sons or grandsons of heroes in other books, so much so that she refers to her novel library as the “Le Veque Family Tree”. Readers consistently gush over the love of her characters and how real they are. Kathryn is a master of character development, as well as story development, and isn’t afraid to throw in a hefty dose of Medieval realism. Her ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is what makes her so successful. Kathryn also writes award-winning Contemporary Romances. One of her novels, “Lady of Heaven”, is currently being adapted into a screenplay. She is the author of a monster-sized library – 34 novels and counting. Why should you read Kathryn’s novels? One reviewer put it this way:she’s simply the best.

Kathryn’s favorite things include her Himalyan cat, Stormy, her husband and children, and a love of gardening, golfing, interior decorating, and horses.

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