Escape to Small Town Love in this Cheap Kindle Book for 5/21

RIVERBEND is the next book in the The River Valley Collection and is sure to have you laughing, crying, and reading all day and night! 

RIVERBEND continues the story of Annie from Riversong. She is a chef who is now being threatened by her ex-boyfriend. Annie seeks help from Drake Webber, a wealthy recluse with secrets of his own. She tries to move on with her life with the help from the rag tag bunch at the restaurant. But will she be safe only to lose her heart?   

 RIVERBEND has a little of everything, mushy romance, drama and humor! You will be enthralled by the characters and find yourself reading the whole book in one sitting! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, RIVERSONG, grab that one first. 

Riverbend is only $3.99 on May 21.

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Tess Thompson, a graduate of the University of Southern California, is an author of plays and novels currently living in Seattle, Washington with her two daughters and their puppy.

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