Grab Some Cheap Thrills From A Bestselling Author – May 22

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR – by the best-selling author of CONTACT – is the first in an exciting new thriller series, an action-packed conspiracy with a hero and heroine you hold your breath for, with the action of Robert Ludlum, the intensity of Brad Thor and international intrigue of Daniel Silva. You will be hooked from the get go!

THE ORANGE MOON AFFAIR was inspired by the author’s bestseller – CONTACT and the life of Terry Forrestal, a brother in arms, ex-British SAS. Who would play Thomas Gunn? Liam Neeson, of course!

This discounted Kindle book is available on May 22nd for $2.99.


Flying a helicopter requires a clear mind, concentration, balance and a delicate touch. Flying a helicopter you are unfamiliar with, in the dark, with two nasty bullet wounds in a body that has not slept in thirty hours, is an exercise in surreal survival. I had ten hours flight time in this model MD 902 Explorer, so it wasn’t total guesswork. I made sure Julie was strapped in tightly and flipped on the switches. There wouldn’t be enough time to sit and let the engines warm up completely. We needed to get airborne before the local police showed up. In the distance beyond the factory building, where the car exploded in the arroyo, a pall of smoke billowed into the moon lit night sky.

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 I’m fortunate to be the bestselling author of the book CONTACT, which was serialized in a British national newspaper and made into an award winning film by BBCTV. It launched my career and I have not looked back since. My life could be described as rather colorful – I’ve lived all over the world, served in the British army, had a near death experience, lost half my insides and recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of war. I’m also a proud father of four daughters, screenwriter, pilot, race car driver, love to sail, listen to opera, cook gourmet meals, drink wine, read good books, have heated discussions and travel off the beaten path. Writing mainly fiction these days, I favor politically charged thrillers, suspense and intrigue, humorous satire and books about the challenges of human relationships, all of which I think reveal my curiosity about the world and my strong belief in the overwhelming power of love, laughter and of the human spirit. Books include: Contact, Collisions, An Unquiet American, Dry Tortugas, The Book of Baker Series (Dreams from the Death Age; Armageddon; Genesis Revisited) and The Orange Moon Affair, the first of the new Thomas Gunn suspense series with more coming soon. 

Favorite Food: I love pasta of any kind,

Favorite Place to Write: I sit in a big armchair to write

Favorite Music: I listen to opera mostly – unless I crank up the rock music and let loose in between operatic arias.

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