Get Healthy With This Bargain Kindle Book – 5/25

Are there clever ways to “hack” the brain to create more motivation? HOW TO STICK TO A DIET reveals what modern psychology has discovered about human behavior so you can create a permanent change in your diet without relying on willpower. The book also provides unique life-saving tricks for eating a healthier diet even if you’re broke, busy, and are world’s pickiest eater.

HOW TO STICK TO A DIET was inspired by the author’s nine years of research into health. fitness, and psychology. It will help you reach those health goals that seemed unreachable.

 This cheap Kindle book is $0.99 on May 25.

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Derek Doepker is a health and fitness author and blogger for Excuse Proof Fitness. He started out as an unhealthy teenager who ate fast food nearly every single night. After realizing the damaging effects his habits were causing him, he made a commitment to change his body and health. Derek then spent the next nine years studying health, exercise, nutrition, and psychology. He is passionate about helping others make a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle even if they are busy, on a budget, or lack motivation.

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