Murder and Magic Combine In This Cheap Book – 5/30

In BROKEN ELEMENTS, a powerful elemental, Aidan Brook has spent the last ten years hiding from everyone who once loved her, terrified of her own erratic magic. When death starts stalking those she left behind, hiding is no longer an option. Ready or not, Aidan is forced back into the world she left behind. Soon, elementals, shifters, and long-buried secrets are turning her life upside down, even as she gets caught up in the chase for a sadistic killer…one who seems equally interested in chasing her.

Murder, mystery and magic intertwine in BROKEN ELEMENTS to make it electrifying!

This discounted book is also available for Nook and Apple for only $2.99 on May 30.

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Mia Marshall is pretty much obsessed with stories: reading them, watching them, and writing them. She’s been an English teacher, a film studies graduate student, and a script supervisor, but she considers those all warm-up jobs for becoming a writer. She started the Elements series when she needed an escape from everyday life. It worked so well, she just kept going. Shifting Selves, book 2 in the Elements series, was released in April 2013, and she’s currently working on a brand new fantasy series. Mia Marshall lives somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountains with her slightly mad Bengal cats. When not writing, she spends lots of time reading, playing in her garden, watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and seeking the end of the internet.

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