Go To Eden In This Cheap Kindle YA Fantasy – June 5

YA Fans, here’s a dystopian fantasy that will transport you to the original Garden of Eden. Will a young woman who was accidentally transported to a dark realm be able to fulfill the destiny that wasn’t hers? EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT is the exciting debut novel to a new series that is sure to have you hooked from the get go! 

Fans of  Harry Potter, Gone, and Percy Jackson will enjoy EDEN AT THE EDGE OF MIDNIGHT. 

Grab this discounted Kindle book for only $0.99 on June 5.  

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Distracted, vacant, geeky I spend my life inside fantasies of my own design that only exist in my head. Sometimes I manage to commit them to paper or e-paper (depending on your preference), and so far I have achieved that once. I’m working on the sequel.

Favorite Food: Currently I like anchovies on cream cheese and toast

Favorite TV Show: Peep Show (an excellent UK TV series.)

Favorite Place to Write: I imagine my favorite place to write would be in a glass walled apartment overlooking central park in New York. I’ll let you know if that ever becomes a reality. Currently I write at the kitchen table when no one is eating off it.


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