Three Science Fictions Bargain Priced for Kindle on June 14

Transport yourself to worlds and futures wonderfully imagined in these bargain science fiction books for Kindle. EXTINCTION POINT ($3.99) by Paul Antony Jones is the account of the lone survivor of the red killing rain as the world not only ends… but changes. ALICE IN DEADLAND ($0.99) by Mainak Dhar is the tale of Alice, a child left alive after the plague that created the Biters, and her adventures in the Deadland. TWO MOONS OF REHNOR: THE BOY WHO LIT UP  THE SKY ($0.99) by J. Naomi Ay is the beginning of the story of Senya, a supposed to be prince of a far away planet who, after the death of his mother during childbirth, must prove himself to be worthy.  

Deals good for Kindle on June 14

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