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Editor’s Note: PARALLAX VIEW is a traditional Cold War espionage thriller filled with non-stop action.

Book Description: It’s 1986, and the USSR is beginning to fall apart. When beautiful young CIA operative Tracie Tanner is given the assignment of delivering a hand-written message from the leader of the Soviet Union to U.S. President Ronald Reagan, she believes it will be a simple job.

She’s wrong.

Soon she is cut off from help, unsure who she can trust, and on the run, determined to complete her mission at any cost…

Author’s Inspiration: I love American history and I love thrillers. I’ve always wanted to combine the two by creating a fictional thriller hero who is a strong, independent woman – beautiful and sexy and but also capable and deadly – and then inserting her into a historical time period, such as the Cold War.

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Allan Leverone

Allan Leverone is a thirty-one year veteran air traffic controller and the author of six novels. A lifelong reader, he didn’t begin seriously writing fiction until the age of forty-seven. His debut novel was published at age fifty by Medallion Press, and he has every intention of writing for the rest of his life.

Allan lives in New Hampshire with his wife and family, and loves to hear from readers.

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