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Editor’s Note: In THE DEVIL’S OWN DESPERADO a gunfighter falls for the woman who nurses him back to health but knows he can’t stay with her because of his past.

Book Description: He’s everything she fears: Violence and Force. She’s everything he dreams of: Soft and Compassionate.

From Book: She twisted her apron between her hands, staring at the floor. A moment later, Colt caught her chin in his palm and tilted her head to him. She hadn’t heard him cross the floor. Her breath caught in a mingling of fear and some nameless anticipation.

“My name is Colt. Try it, Amelia. Colt.”

Amelia’s skin burned with the light touch of his  fingers and her heart hammered against her breastbone.   She wet her parched lips.

“It’s a simple name, really. Four little letters. Colt.

You can get this Kindle book for $4.74


Lynda Cox

Tired of spending money on romance novels and throwing them across the room five pages in, Lynda Cox decided that she could write as well. When she isn’t populating the town of Federal in the Wyoming Territory with her imaginary friends, she shows dogs and sometimes teaches college freshmen composition. Growing up, she watched Lassie and Bonanza every week and swore she was going to have beautiful collies, horses, and live in the American West. She’s got the collies and the horses and is working on getting out West.

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