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Editor’s Note:  To save others’ lives, he will have to risk his own. 


Book Description: What happens when a control freak who doesn’t trust men falls for a fireman with a death wish? Lisa Mattheson is about to find out…

Author’s Inspiration: I was writing another book, using one of the guys from 98 Degrees as the hero. A friend of mine kept asking if I wrote a book about Jeff Timmons, what would it be. Thinking it would make her stop asking, I said, “Fine. If I was going to write a book with him in it, what would it be?” And “To Protect & Serve” dropped into my lap!

From Book:   “Stop it, Taylor,” Jeff commanded himself as he pulled the barbell off the floor. “You’re going to make yourself crazy.” Once, twice, he pulled the weight up. “It’s in the past. Let it stay there.” Numbers flowed over numbers until he lost count of them all. “It has nothing to do with now. Nothing. Don’t let it start again. Please, don’t let it start again.”

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#1 Best Selling Christian Romance author, Staci Stallings is a stay-at-home mom with three kids, a husband, and a writing addiction on the side. Her books run the spectrum from motivational to inspirational to full-on Christian and back again. She writes young adult and adult romance always looking to write real characters with real issues and real challenges. Staci is the founder of Grace & Faith Author Connection and the co-founder of, a site dedicated to helping Christian readers and authors meet. 

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