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Editor’s Note: AMIDST TRAFFIC is a thought provoking collection of short stories you don’t want to miss! 

Book DescriptionAn ambitious collection of interwoven short stories about navigating life’s meaning in a corrupt, violent world. The characters and their actions lead to greater questions about life and who is in control of it. As these stories begin to interest, they explore how we reconcile the chaos of the world with a faith in God. 

Author’s Inspiration: “Amidst Traffic” wasn’t born so much out of a book’s inspiration as it was born out of a response to existentialism. In college, we read a lot of contemporary literature that revolved around existential philosophy, and I found the idea to be such a fraud. I found it so ironic that all these brilliant authors wasted portions of their lives to create beautifully-written novels only to reveal a message of meaninglessness. I found that movement so self-destructive. So I wanted to respond with a collection where meaning exists beyond the boundaries of the pages. Meaning exists beyond the presence of a single story. Meaning exists beyond our egotistical selves and our individual experiences.


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Michael Sauret

 Michael Sauret was born in Rome, Italy and published his first novel, “Breathing God,” at the age of 19. He was named the 2008 Army Journalist of the Year for his writing in Iraq and is the winner of the International Book Award for ADMIST TRAFFIC. 

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