Steamy Romance Discounted for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: In ARRESTED BY LOVE three hot cops give everything they have to fulfill the women they love. If you live by the phrase “there’s nothing like a man in uniform” then this is a romance for you!

*For Mature Audiences do to some particularly steamy scenes*

Book Description:  Arrested by Love follows the journey of three hot cops as they find the women of their dreams and fight to make them theirs. The stories are sensual and edgy. Heroes Ty, Luke and Noah keep their women safe from danger, but also provide them safety in the bedroom so they can verbalize and fulfill their sexual fantasies.

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Get the eBook for 99c on 8/14.

Virna de Paul

I’ve always loved reading romance and I became an author because I wanted to bring the same joy to readers that my favorite authors brought me. I want all my books to carry a common theme—that if a person is willing to face the darkness in themselves or in their past, miracles can happen, and the biggest miracle of all is finding deep, passionate, and uplifting love.


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