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Editor’s Note: RIDE WITH ME is an opposites-attract road trip romance with tent sex and bicycles.


Ride with Me is a fantastic contemporary story full of laugh out loud moments and a heart warming romance. 


Book Description: When Lexie Marshall places an ad to find a companion for her bicycle ride across the United States, she’s not looking for love. She’s just looking for someone whose presence might prevent her from dying alone in a ditch. It doesn’t occur to her until she meets her riding partner, Tom Geiger, that he might be a worse fate than that. He’s standoffish, occasionally hostile, and irritated with her for not being a man, as he’d been led to believe. But they ride together anyway, and through three thousand miles of flat tires, mountain passes, accidents, silent treatment, hot-sauce wars, bad weather, conversations about literature, hilarity, and bad moods, they take each other’s measure–and slowly come to understand that each of them is the best thing that could happen to the other.   Also, there’s a part where Tom licks a tire, which is kind of inexplicably hot.

Author Inspiration: I’m a long-time cyclist who has ridden sections of the TransAmerica Trail. I was reading a copy of the Adventure Cycling magazine one day and noticed the “Companions Wanted” column, which is like personal ads, except for finding long-distance riding companions instead of love. I started thinking how interesting it would be to get stuck riding 3,000 miles with someone you didn’t like. And then fall in love with them. 

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Ruthie Knox

I’m a historian and editor who had a baby, got bored, and turned into a writer. This book channels my passion for cycling, travel, and slightly grumpy men into a positive vehicle. Also, it’s funny, and it has sexy bits, which are always fun to read.

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