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Editor’s Note: LANTERN IN THE MIST is a touching story of two brave sisters making their way from Alaska to New York. 


Book Description: In 1899, a strong and spirited young woman travels the width of America with the paralyzed sister she loves and a man she cannot bring herself to trust. Though she begins her journey thoughtless and innocent, Kathleen learns to survive in a savage world. She will shoot to kill if she must in order to protect her sister and herself. Will the hardships she has endured forever close her heart to love?

Author’s Inspiration: My new novel, Lantern in the Mist, is the first book in a dramatic trilogy set in the early twentieth century. I created it to be an exciting series that traces the birth and growth of modern America through dynamic characters who live our country’s history. 

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I earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism and went on to achieve a masters of arts in education. I have worked as a journalist and also as a teacher. I currently teach writing at a major entertainment, arts, and media institution in Central Florida. I write in my office where there’s peace and quiet, except for the sound coming from my headphones.

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