Dark Paranormal Romance Discounted for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: CAPTURED is a dark and powerful story about the redemptive powers of eternal love.

Book Description:  Book three in the dark, vampire Serenity series. After Serenity is taken by a monster who used to be her husband, vampire Sebastian Bandores and their daughter, Elizabeth, track Serenity across the country to try to reclaim her. But after repeat feedings have destroyed her memory, will Serenity even remember who they are?

Author’s Inspiration: I started writing this series because I’d loved vampire stories for many years and wanted to create one of my own. The basis for the storyline came to me when I asked myself what kind of woman would really fall for a blood-thirsty vampire, and the answer ‘when what she’s living with at home is worse’ came to me. So Serenity and her struggle between her abusive husband and the vampire, Sebastian, who she comes to love, was born.

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Marissa Farrar

I’m obsessed with all things books. Basically, if I’m not writing a book, then I’m reading one. I started writing as a child, but decided to take my writing seriously after I completed my Zoology degree and realised I’d spent the entire degree trying to find time to write. After that, it took me several years to get published, in which time I wrote several novels, including the first book the Serenity series, Alone. I now have eight novels published, my ninth will be released later this year, and I’ve been working as a full time author for the past three years.


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