Meet Vampires in this 99c Paranormal Romance

Editor’s Note: Hardened detective Lacey Gardner is thrown off-balance when she meets sexy Damon Harte.

Book Description: Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows everything about killing vampires. She’s the best in the Fringe Dept, but when she meets bartender Damon Harte during a murder investigation, the sexy bartender gives her heart a run for the money. What is more dangerous? A murderous vampire or a man with a secret?

From the Book: Lacey glanced down the length of the bar. The bartender was looking at her. She watched him closely as he made his way toward her. He moved like a large jungle cat, muscles rippling and undulating beneath his form-fitting shirt. She couldn’t help but notice his superb body, like a god etched in marble. The Greek God of War, she thought, sensing a dark undercurrent beneath that perfect façade. Her insides fluttered as he came closer. She couldn’t look away from his smoldering eyes. 


Debra L Martin

Debra L Martin writes with her co-author and brother David W Small. Together they write stories full of depth, emotion, suspense and action. Their first love is epic fantasy and together they strive to bring their stories to a new crop of readers.

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