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Editor’s Note: LIFE OVER LOVE is an inspiring and heartfelt novel written from a challenging personal experience. 

Book Description: While Brianna Garcia is a devoted mother with an infectious smile and loyal heart, her abusive husband is the complete opposite. Things are so bad at one point that she thinks the only way for life to get better is for one of them to die. However, Brianna makes the brave decision to live and make other changes…

Author’s Inspiration: I drew from my own experiences with domestic abuse from a previous marriage. I wanted my first novel to be something that would not only entertain, but inspire others. It’s sad that so many women can relate in some form or fashion to Brianna. I wanted to give women a realistic view on the realities of what it takes to leave behind a harmful existence in favor of a much deserved life full of promise and love. 

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 I have always been a writer. I think of random sentences all day; my children, music, my art, everything I feel, all inspire me to write. I became an author when I actually finished my novel and saw it through to publication. Nothing melts my heart more than when a reader tells me they were either moved to tears or laughter through my written words, and it’s a huge plus when they experience it all from this one book.


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