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Editor’s Note: FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME is a coming of age story about true love that is found, then lost, then re-discovered thirty years later.

Book Description:  A true love story set primarily in the seventies, Feels Like the First Time takes you back to the time of AM radio, small-town mores and the innocence of falling in love for the first time. Shawn and Dawn are teenagers when they meet in 1976. They fall in love, but are separated, apparently forever, by circumstances beyond their control. They meet again, thirty years later, to answer the question if first love can last forever.

Author’s Inspiration:  I fell in love very young and although I was separated from Dawn, I never forgot her. I also had no communication with her for 27 years. Then, completely by accident, I ran into Dawn again in 2006. I was so impacted by seeing her again that three years later I wrote an account of the meeting and posted it online. A few months later she found it and emailed me – our first real communication in 30 years. I knew right then that I had to write our story, because even though it is real life, it follows the classic Hollywood script.

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I started writing when I was ten, and I never stopped. However, young adulthood brought marriage and three daughters and it got harder and harder to find time to sit down at a typewriter. Yes, I’m that old. By the time I finished my first book in 2012, the publishing revolution was in full force and I accepted the challenge of being an indie author gladly. I’m so glad I did. I enjoy interacting with readers every day and hearing your stories as well as telling my own.


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