Bargain Priced Paranormal Romance for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: INK: FINE LINES is an original, dark, witty, humorous, romantic, and suspense filled thriller that keeps you wanting more.

Book Description:  Shay Baynes just turned 21 and her new comic has been picked up by a publisher. She soon learns that the murder scenes she’s drawing for her comic are happening in real life and she’s the prime suspect. She’s being stalked by an evil Specter who has fallen in love with her, but he’s going to have to get in line as both her childhood sweethearts are also vying for her attention. Shay’s being strangled more ways than one in her constant struggle to take care of herself and not be a damsel, and that’s all the men in her life want her to be.

Author’s Inspiration:  This story was actually inspired by a nightmare I once had, where I was drawing horrible pictures and they were all coming true. I decided to take the idea and run with it!

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Bella Roccaforte has been living life to its fullest since she could walk. She’s done everything from being an auto mechanic to a rocket scientist. Yes she actually worked for the United Space Alliance on the Space Shuttle program! But being a mom has always been the most important part of who she’s become. She currently lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, five children, dog and a myriad of extra teenagers that just don’t ever leave.

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