Post Apocalyptic Thriller only 99c for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: Artificial Evil is the first book of the Techxorcist series. 

Book Description: In the year 2153, only the dome city of City Earth remains after a planet wide apocalypse. Gerry Cardle, the algorithm designer of the death lottery inexplicably finds his numbers are up. He has just seven days to live. And worse: a creator of malicious artificial intelligences threatens to destroy the city and all those within it. Everything Gerry had been told was a lie. Now he has to face the truth and sacrifice everything he loves to save the city.

Author’s Inspiration: Being a fan of cyberpunk and films like The Matrix as well as post-apocalytpic stories I wanted to merge the idea of technology, survival and dystopian societies presented as utopias. Something that when you like beneath the surface you see the truth. There’s a lot of struggle here and I explore the very essence of what it means to be human and how important freedom is. I tied that into a fast-paced thriller as I’ve always enjoyed the sense of fun and adventure of those genres.

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Having grown up reading cyberpunk, adventure novels, and technothrillers, Colin always wanted to create a world of his own. A world of high-stakes, of artificial intelligences, where danger lurked beneath every surface and a person had to live fast and dangerous in order to make it. Colin writes to entertain, to make people think, and to provide the reader with the full ‘escapist’ experience. He writes to create lovable and hateful characters, ones that long stay in the mind of the reader, ones that are cared about and exist beyond just words on the paper.

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