Exciting Thriller Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: THE ORANGE MOON AFAIR is an action packed conspiracy story with a hero and heroine you’ll hold your breath for!

Book Description:  Assassination. Conspiracy. Coverup. And Thomas Gunn (ex-Special Forces) and his girlfriend Julie are on the run – who is after them and why? The first in an exciting new thriller series that has captured the imagination of readers worldwide and that keeps you guessing to the very last page!

Author’s Inspiration:  The book was inspired by, and is dedicated to, Terry Forrestal, ex-SAS and brother-in-arms, may he rest in peace. He had that streak of larrikin in him and his bio reads a bit like a Hollywood movie script, so I think he’d like this book. I was inspired through my own experience as well as Terry’s to explore this “dual personality” that every soldier experiences on return to “normal life”. And to weave an interesting, sit-on-the-edge of your seat story around that idea as well as present a strong female character to balance this often “male dominated” genre.

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I’ve lived all over the world, served in the British army, had a near death experience, lost half my insides and recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of war. A proud father of four daughters, screenwriter, pilot, race car driver, I love to sail, listen to opera, cook gourmet meals, drink wine, read good books, have heated discussions and travel off the beaten path. 


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