Baragin Priced Paranormal Romance Kindle and Nook Book

Editor’s Note: DESTINY BEWITCHED is snarky adventurous fun with a dash of magic, a pinch of romance, and a hefty dose of sexiness!

Book Description:  A smart aleck witch from the wrong side of town teams up with a sexy alpha demon to rescue her little sister from the Underworld in this snarky, steamy, kick-ass paranormal romance from bestselling author Leia Shaw.

Author’s Inspiration:  Samantha is a witch with a heart of gold who’s had to fight to survive a house full of rowdy brothers and alcoholic dad. Her powers are a little out of control but her intentions are heroic as she sets out to rescue her sister from the gritty, dangerous Underworld. I wanted a heroines readers could identify with. Samantha is a survivor just trying to get by and do what’s right. She’s loyal and loves her sister enough to risk her own life to find her. She may not be the strongest or most powerful heroine, but that she’s so ordinary makes her journey so much more genuine. 

Get DESTINY BEWITCHED for $1.99 for KINDLE and NOOK on 10/13

Leia Shaw

Thinking up fae politics, plotting dragon power games, and calculating how fast werewolves can change forms has given me a way to express those dark places in my mind. I love writing kick-ass heroines and alpha heroes who challenge each other and ultimately grow to love to each other. I like my characters to struggle with the same issues we do as people – trust, hope, fear, intimacy. I hope my books send a powerful message to readers all while keeping you entertained with a hefty dose of humor and, of course, hot sex scenes.

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