99c Contemporary Romance for Kindle

Editor’s Note: FULL CIRCLE is the story of a Bella, pregnant and alone but still determined to still make her life a success. 

 Book Description:  Pregnant and alone, Bella is determined to prove to her family that she made the right decision. With hard work, loyal friends and a business partner who’s too handsome for his own good, she starts a clothing company that becomes successful beyond her expectations. Join Bella, Sofia, Mellisa and Rafael on a journey where the final destination is love.

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Mona’s business background, and the fact that she didn’t get married until later in life, allow her to bring a unique perspective to her books. Her stories are skillfully crafted, offering an intriguing mix of romance and reality, and often include a surprise twist. She has travelled extensively, but often sets her books in her home province of British Columbia, where she currently lives and writes.


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