Heart Warming Romantic Comedy 99c for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: TOYS AND BABY WISHES is a romantic comedy that ends on Christmas Eve with a happily-ever-after.

Book DescriptionLexa believes she can’t have children. She pours her compassion into volunteer work and her job. Because of past rejection, she keeps this secret from Josh. They both have to learn love can conquer all.

Author’s Inspiration:  My inspiration was a women’s desire to have a baby and how romance plays into that.

Get the KINDLE and NOOK books for 99c on 10/16. 

Karen Rose Smith

I began writing as a creative and emotional outlet when my orthopedic doctor put me on six weeks of bed rest for a back injury. I’d been heavily into exercise and an active wife and mom. Once an English English teacher, so I didn’t go stir crazy, I wrote. The back problems didn’t resolve and after surgery I was in a hospital bed in our living room for four years. Thank goodness I had writing. I began with short stories that grew too long to find a market. After finishing 13 manuscripts and a month-long stint in back rehab, I sold two manuscripts in a week to two different publishers.


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