Space Exploration Thriller on Sale for Kindle

Editor’s Note: QUINCY 2116 is a sci-fi thriller about genetically altered astronauts sent to space. 

Book Description: QUINCY 2116 is about Team Kira, a team of space explorers that are about to turn sour by killing and saving their own kind in order to save Earth from total annihilation. 

Readers who loved Dark Space by Jasper T. Scott will enjoy Quincy 2116. 

Get this Kindle book for only $2.99 October 18th


John Black grew up and continues to live in Singapore, Asia. In addition to writing stories that both entertain and teach value and morals, he works as a behavioral consultant for corporations advising their human resources departments. He enjoys reading a variety of materials, from huge encyclopedia to children stories. His favorite authors include George Orwell, Stephenie Meyer, and Orson Scott Card.

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