Amish Romance Discounted for Kindle and Nook

Editor’s Note: This CHASING HEAVEN Complete Series boxed set is a six part collection that takes places in the Amish community. 

Book Description: For plain and simple Amish people, their lives can sure get complicated. Hannah Bieler’s wedding is a celebration, but also leaves her sisters wondering if they will also find love and what their own futures hold.

Readers who love authors Sarah Price and Beverly Lewis will love the Chasing Heaven series. 

Author’s Inspiration:   I’ve always wanted to tell a complex family story about love, loss, and finding our way through life.

Get this eBook for Kindle and Nook for only 99c on October 19


I’m Becca Fisher and I write sweet Amish romances featuring simple people with complex love lives. Writing Amish fiction has given me a sweet tooth for whoopie pies and the simpler things in life.

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