Heartfelt Love Story only 99c for Kindle

Editor’ Note: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY is the captivating story of Chloe Kaddidy’s emotional journey to learn about love.  

Book Description: After being accepted to an exclusive Manhattan art exhibit, Chloe Kassidy realizes that while her dedication to her career is paying off she has sacrificed her personal life, never having been in love. With the help of her friends, Chloe learns about love and life on her journey for her own fairy tale. 

Author’s Inspiration: FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY was inspired by the notion that women grow up with ideas of true love and destiny, For Internal Use Only approaches those ideas with a decidedly twenty-first century viewpoint. By incorporating problems inherent with today’s social media and online world, this book is meant to enlighten readers to stop chasing fairytales and start creating their own. My goal was to write a humorous love story with an edgy and dramatic twist that gives each of us a new fairy tale to look forward to: our own.

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 In a world so huge that can make us feel so small, writing reminds me how tall I truly am and the heights that I’m capable of reaching. When I imagine making a total stranger laugh after a bad day, that’s what drives me. Chick Lit is more than just a pretty face. This is why I don’t judge a book by its cover. Chick Lit might be a quick read, light-hearted, and simply entertaining. But Chick Lit can spotlight characters with real issues that women face such as heartbreak, addiction, sibling & friend rivalry, negative body image & eating disorders, and even infidelity. 

Cari is discounting FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY to spread the love in honor of her wedding weekend! 


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