Island Billionaire Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: IN GOOD HANDS is a steamy billionaire romance. 

Book Description:  A secretive billionaire. An artist.

A sun-drenched island in the Gulf of Mexico. A secluded estate. A reluctant promise. Ten short days. 

An instant and incendiary attraction.

An attraction easy to satisfy–impossible to contain.

Author’s Inspiration:  Discovering the surprising side of a billionaire, once a corporate shark, who now chooses to swim in kinder waters.

Get the Kindle book for $1.99 on 10/25.  

E. C. Sheedy

I live on Vancouver Island in the moody, green, and rain-washed Pacific Northwest. So when I’m seriously story challenged (too often!) I often walk the beach and commune with the stunning and multi-talented Mother Nature. (Make that beg for inspiration!) If that doesn’t work, a few minutes thinking about the quirks and foibles of human nature usually does the trick. 

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