Check Out This Cheap Romance Set In New Orleans

Editor’s Note: THE BACHELOR’S BABY PROMISE is a sweet romance set in the city of New Orleans.

Book Description:   When oil rig engineer Jared Montgomery returns to New Orleans with an infant, everyone thinks the baby is his. Only his temporary nanny knows the truth. But is giving the baby up a fulfillment of The Bachelor’s Baby Promise, or can he and Jenny find another way to keep the baby in the family?

Author’s Inspiration: I love New Orleans and wanted a story set there to show off some of the exciting aspects of the town, without making it sound like a travelogue. And I wanted to explore what a bachelor might do when he takes on the responsibilities for a child not his own. 

Get the KINDLE, NOOK, and APPLE books for $3.99 on 11/7.  


Barbara McMahon

I’ve been writing romance novels for more than 30 years and still get excited about a new book, seeing how the characters will develop and how the story will evolve. Of course I always want a happy ever after ending, but want to make getting there the most fun.

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