Emotional New Adult Romance Series 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  Lost and Found is a realistic, heart-wrenching new adult romance with powerful writing and characters you’ll remember long after you’ve finished reading. 

Book Description:  Lost and Found is a two-book, complete story anthology of Nadia Simonenko’s bestselling New Adult romances, “Lost” and “Found.” Maria and Owen, each scarred by a traumatic past, suffer alone — until they find each other. This sensual, moving story of love and strength amid tragedy will take you on an emotional roller coaster and pull you deep into the hearts and minds of the characters.

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Nadia Simonenko

Nadia Simonenko is a scientist and author currently living in Lancaster with her husband, two cats and a dog. When she isn’t writing, she develops new oncolytic compounds and dreams about someday getting to take a vacation.


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