Historical Paranormal Romance Discounted for Kindle

Editor’s Note: THE HOUSE is rich in imagery and mystery, with a large eccentric cast, fast moving and an ending that is most unexpected.  

Book Description:  The House is an adult fairy tale, that takes the reader on a time travel mystery, where past- life love and destiny meets with the paranormal. In an ancient forest, a women clad only in a night dress appears. Why she is there, is unknown to her and the reader. Encountering a ramshackle house, she enters and soon finds herself transported to Regency England. This unpredictable adventure moves at a brisk pace, with an ending, that although surprising, is positive, like all good fairy tales.


Author’s Inspiration:  Fairy tales interest me profoundly, and I wished to explore the idea of magic portals as entry points into parallel worlds from another time. I have an overactive imagination and love creating larger than life characters, as a way of exploring archetypes. I am also fascinated by occult/mystical themes not for religious practice, but for artistic procurement. I am drawn to the theatrical nature of these beliefs, with the concept of reincarnation and soul mates being at the heart of my book.

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From a dance background. Always had a passion for reading from an early age and by mid 20’s started reading the classics, where I have remained for the past 3 decades. I always knew I would write one day and that started seriously 3 years ago with the commencement of The House.


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