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Editor’s Note: THE SUMMER SET is a thoroughly enjoyable coming of age story with plenty of history and fantasy. 

Book Description: The Summer Set is primarily a coming-of-age tale of friendship and affection between two boys and two girls. The story is set in 1956 Eisenhower America with its backdrop of McCarthyism and corporate conformity. The growing threat of a group of deadly dark-suited men gradually provokes the teens to join forces and confront a raft of mysterious paranormal occurrences. Though geared to mature young adults ages 11-17, the nostalgic and ‘clean’ novel is an interesting and fun read for all adults ages 18-68. Boys love it!

Author’s Inspiration: I had a dream about a carved Eskimo seal called ‘The Seal of Approval’. The dream stayed with me and I integrated the seal with other dreams and musings stimulated by reading The Mothman Prophecies. Over a two year period a nostalgic tale of greed, spirituality and friendship evolved. The Summer Set is the result.

Get the Kindle book for 99c on 11/21-11/24. 

Jay Province

I am a full-time writer in a number of genres. I write adventure romances under a nom de plume. At any given time I have about four or five novels in various stages of construction and completion. All of my writings contain elements of history, spirituality, adventure and romance. My favorite activities (outside of writing) are horses, sailing and travel. I live in Rockville, MD with my wife, Patricia.

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