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Editor’s Note: RIPPLE is a real page-turner that seeks to help readers heal from abuse. 

Book Description: Ripple tells the story of a high-powered attorney who discovers that her husband has accused their fifteen-year-old daughter and is planning is use her in a sex ring. After taking a golf club to his head, she escapes with her daughter to a safe house where they can begin their difficult journey to healing with the help of lawyers and therapists. 

Author’s Inspiration: There isn’t enough out there to help people heal from abuse–there are guidebooks, but there aren’t entertaining page-turners, like Ripple: Young Adult Version. 

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E.L. Farris writes extensively on mental health issues. She is able to treat these sensitive topics with humor, realism, and an ultimately uplifting touch. She is also the cofounder of Bad Doggy Productions.

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