Learn to Play the Guitar With this Handy Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: LEARNING TO PLAY THE GUITAR is more than just another guitar book it’s a complete multimedia teaching system.

Book Description: Learning to Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide is a comprehensive book with 21 structured step-by-step lessons to get you playing the guitar. The book covers topics including picking, chords, strumming, arpeggios, scales, improvising and more. To help you to learn to play more easily the book also features 13 songs, 74 audio samples and links to 30 videos.

Author’s Inspiration: As a guitar teacher I was unable to find a book that covered all the essential topics that I was teaching my beginners students so I decided to write that book myself.

Get the Kindle book for $2.99 on 12/12-12/17. 

Anthony Pell

Anthony Pell has taught thousands of guitar lessons and hundreds of guitar students. Many of his students are beginners learning the basics of playing the guitar including chords, strumming, notes and music theory. His extensive experience in teaching beginners has led him to write a book outlining his materials and tips in structured lessons.

Author Website: www.learningtoplaytheguitar.net

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