High School Mystery Bargain Priced for Kindle

Editor’s Note: HEIST SCHOOL FRESHMEN is like an Ocean’s Eleven for teens: cool characters coming together to pull off a big job.

Book Description: Angelo loathes high school life until he and his friends hit upon a scheme to steal a cache of dirty drug money. They’ll need all the help they can muster: Portia, a beautiful teenage actress turned con artist; Kyle, computer hacker extraordinaire; and Charles, football star and the designated “muscle.” They’ve got the crew, but can they pull off the score and still finish freshman year?

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always liked crime drama and heist/con novels, and setting it in high school allowed me to relive and reinvent my formative years with a little bit more drama.

Get the Kindle book for $3.99 through 1/31!

Alan Gallauresi

Alan Gallauresi is the author of the young adult crime adventure “Heist School Freshmen” and co-author of the upcoming self-help book “You’re Already Rich! A Self Help Guide to Making Billions with Time Travel.” He is currently writing the sequel to “Heist School Freshmen,” entitled “Heist School Sophomores: The Longest Con.” He currently resides in Maryland with his partner Angelica and their daughter Vivien.


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