Grab This Gripping Thriller for 99c for Kindle

Editor’s Note: BLOODIED is a breakneck fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.

Book Description: What do you get when a serial killer won’t die? A fast paced thriller where anything is possible. Welcome to Bloodied.

Readers who enjoy James Patterson will love BLOODIED. 

Get the Kindle book for $0.99 on 1/21. 

BC Chrestians

BC Chrestians is the best selling writer of The Specials A Young Adult Serialized Sci-fi Thriller. A Super Hero story safe for all ages. He is also writer of The Bloodied Thrillers. A mystery thriller series with a unique story telling approach. Born and raised in Minnesota, he still lives there enjoying most of the weather. BC has always been drawn to writing fun twisting accessible fiction. As a story teller, his goal is to keep the reader turning the page and guessing. His books all have one thing in common…you’re in for a heck of a ride.

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